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Només la mar ens parlarà d'amor[Only the Sea shall Speak to us of Love]

Young Sergi, son of Maria and Sergi in Lost Life, Broken Love, and Laura, the daughter of a wealthy businessman grow up together, but are separated when Laura is sent away to a religious boarding school. Years later, when their paths cross once again, love blossoms between them with a devastating force. Laura’s parents will do everything in their power to keep her away from Sergi, but as everyone knows, true love overcomes all obstacles. And Sergi and Laura’s love, like that of Romeo and Juliet, is boundless.

The author
Joan Pla (Artana, 1942), one of the younger readership’s most celebrated authors and winner of the Bancaixa Award for Young Adult Narrative in 1998, has invested this novel with the same passion and enthusiasm that characterised Lost Life, Broken Love, one of the most important best-sellers of Catalan literature in recent decades.

Autoria: Joan Pla
Núm. col·lecció: 8
Pàgines: 200