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The animals in the garden

Lucy the Ladybird is the star of this collection for readers 5 and up. All the books are colour-illustrated, and tell simple, fun stories featuring a group of endearing animals.

The collection contains ten titles by Gemma Armengol that tell of the adventures of garden animals in a variety of situations, all delightfully illustrated with vivid, full-colour pictures by Òscar Julve. Solidarity, collaboration and ingenuity in overcoming adversity are some of the motifs that run through these stories.

Autoria: Gemma Armengol
Edat: Primers lectors

Gemma Armengol

Gemma Armengol i Morell (Barcelona, 1971) és escriptora. Ha creat juntament amb l’Òscar Julve la col·lecció de contes "Les bestioles del jardí que ja porta 10 anys entretenint els infants.