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La mort espera a Varsòvia[Death Waits in Warsaw]

Maxim’s business has suddenly become a cover-up for the illegal traffic of immigrants. His only way out is to go to Warsaw and face those who pull the strings of the connection. But he is not alone: his son Ivan will not doubt to risk his life as soon as he notices his father’s plight.

The author
Josep Millo (l’Alcúdia, 1946) is a BA in English Philology and a teacher. As a writer he has written poetry and essay, and he has published the following teen novels: Viatge a l’Illa Gran and L’enigma dels prismàtics, which won the Ciutat de Torrent Prize. His La mort espera a Varsòvia became finalist at the Bancaixa Prize for Teen Narrative 2002.

Autor/a: Josep Millo
Núm. col·lecció: 5
Edat: a partir de 7 anys
Pàgines: 176

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