La Presència[The Presence]

When his mother dies, Adrià uses his inheritance money to buy an old apartment. He soon finds he has some rather strange neighbours living on the same floor, who try to befriend him for reasons unclear to him. They invade his privacy, and take to speaking nostalgically of Max, the apartment’s former proprietor.
Following a séance, Adrià’s electrical appliances go haywire, he feels physically drained, and his plants die. This story, based on actual fact, could happen to anyone, because many apartments may be home to a presence


The author
The work of Mercè Company (Barcelona, 1947) comprises over 170 titles, including the collections of Les tres bessones (The Triplets) and La Nana Bunilda (Nanny Bunilda) as well as tales of intrigue and paranormal phenomena such as La dama del medalló (The Lady of the Medallion) and this one, The Presence.

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Mercè Company
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