La Dama del Medalló[The Lady of the Medallion]

In 17th century Bologna, the Marquis of Frabetti comes into possession of a painting, The Lady of the Medallion, and becomes fascinated with the young woman depicted in it. Desperate with passion, and faced with the impossibility of meeting the model, he takes his own life, but not before attempting to send her a number of letters. Two hundred years later, a prestigious film director falls victim to the same fixation with the painting. His obsession to bring the story of the Marquis’ love to the screen takes shape when a friend introduces him to the current owner of the canvas.

The author
Mercè Company (Barcelona, 1947) is the author of over 170 titles, and has studied paranormal phenomena for more than a decade. Following the resounding success of The Presence, (also published in Edicions Bromera) the writer now offers us this story of reincarnation with the accuracy and descriptive power which is her trademark.

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Mercè Company
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Mercè Company