“I wish I could enter a dream, a dream like Matrix. I wish I could invent a movie so I could run away from life. Away from emptiness.” Sometimes, dreams come true. Other times, they turn into nightmares. Llum, who now goes by the name of Triniti, wants to forget her past, and Morfeo, a cybernaut whom she meets on a chat, wants to help her. Together, they create THE GAME, a whole new universe where feelings can be manipulated and frustrations can overflow. This is a universe that first existed only inside a computer. Until, that is, someone loses control of the situation. That is when the real problems begin.

The author
Gemma Lluch (Port de Sagunt, 1958) is a lecturer in the Department of Philology at the University of València, and author of several studies on oral narrative and literature for children and young adults. She is a habitual contributor to publications specialised in this matter. theGame.com is her first work of literary fiction.

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Gemma Lluch
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Gemma Lluch