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L'infern de Marta[Martha's hell]Epilogue: La máscara del amor [Love's Mask]

This novel explains the experience of a young girl that, after a failed love affair, starts another one. Hector, the boyfriend, is attractive, kind, gentlemanly, romantic… but after some time their relationship becomes more complicated and Martha realizes that there are things she does not know about Hector, and weird attitudes, as if he were a psychopath. The novel closes with an epilogue by doctor Vicente Garrido in which he explains teenager girls how to avoid falling in love with the wrong person. This is an excellent work to prevent both physical and psychical harassment against women.

The author
Pasqual Alapont (Catarroja, 1963) is a BA in History at the University of Valencia. He has worked as a translator and proofreader for different publishers. His works include novels, plays and scripts, apart from working as a publisher, an actor, and a stage manager. He has been awarded the most important prizes for teen literature like the Edebé Prize, the I «Serra d’Or» Critics’ Prize and the Bancaixa Teen Narrative Prize.

Autor/a: Pasqual Alapont, Vicente Garrido
Núm. col·lecció: 14
Pàgines: 176

Vull rebre informació sobre:

Pasqual Alapont

Pasqual Alapont (Catarroja, 1963) és llicenciat en Geografia i Història per la Universitat de València, ha seguit altres camins professionals, sempre que ha estat possible relacionats amb el món del llibre. Ha desenvolupat el seu treball a cavall de la literatura i el teatre, on ha fet d'editor, traductor, guionista i dramaturg, actor i director d'escena. A més de les obres infantils i juvenils, ha publicat una novel·la per a adults i ha estrenat cinc obres de teatre.